Do you want to expand more fully into yourself?

Do you want to sense your aliveness & upgrade your functioning?

Are you willing to come home to ease, lightness and wellness?

Ready to let go of what is holding your back or neck and create new possibilities of movement? 

Do you want to learn to love without merging?

Are you ready to see your hidden agendas and release life patterns that no longer serve you now?

I assist people in the release of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues presenting as blocks to your sense of equilibrium.  By holding this possibility and working with the structure on many levels, energy in any form can be approached as medicine. This is experienced as profound healing. Clients can then occupy their whole structure more fully.

I specialize in helping people from children to grandparents:

  • Spiritually inclined individuals who are ready to further embody their practice – come alive in their bodies and have realizations be here and not up there
  • Individuals who are resolved to move beyond trauma patterns in their lives and invest their energies in creating new patterns of ease
  • Individuals who want to investigate experientially how they create, sustain and change their relationship with themselves and the world
  • People who need a smoothing out of the process of spiritual emergence/cy
  • People with chronic or recurring pain: neck, shoulder, back
  • Recovery from accident or injury
  • Treating and preventing repetitive stress injuries
  • Musicians, dancers/athletes who want to improve their performance
  • Older adults in regaining/maintaining flexibility
  • Parkinson, stroke, paralysis, aphasia
  • Children with physical and/or developmental challenges: brachial plexus, cerebral palsy, autism spectrum, brain damage, ADD/ADHD, genetic disorders, developmental delay, sensory integration disorder, aspergers, GERD, eating disorders, learning disability

Welcome to Marin Mindful Body!

I offer holistic healing addressing  the body-mind-spirit continuum. Changes through  motor-sensory information is the process I use for individuals to cultivate and practice more adaptive patterns. I am an intuitive and have a gentle hands-on touch and use movements, sound and energy medicine that create powerful outcomes of: 

  • relaxation, stillness, stress reduction and wellness

  • pain relief (back, neck, shoulder, hands, hips, headache, knee, TMJ)

  • heightened  sense of vitality and aliveness 

  • heart openings and lightness of being

  • feeling of solidity and confidence viscerally to face life transitions

  • increased flexibility and strength

  • trauma resolution

  • neuromovement re-education  


“Kathrina is truly a magical miracle worker.  I’ve received treatment of virtually every healing modality, western and eastern and everything in between, over the last decade for help with a range of chronic ailments.  And though I’ve found a few modalities to be quite helpful, I’ve never worked with anybody like Kathrina who was able to apply so many modalities and so much knowledge and experience and innate wisdom all at the same time to really facilitate my healing and evolution in terms of body, mind and spirit.  Not only has her healing work during our sessions been unbelievably powerful and effective, she’s given me easy exercises and concepts to work with every day that have helped me continue to make progress in between our sessions.  I can not recommend Kathrina strongly enough for anybody dealing with literally any kind of pain or limited mobility or general body/mind/spirit ‘stuck-ness’.”              -Graham


My wellness offering is unique as I am trained in cutting edge multidisciplinary approaches to human development and health. My specialty is the regulation of the nervous system. The methods I use to help you are:

skeleton Atlas Balancing™ aligns the master vertebra at the top of the spine. The atlas is the gateway for the brain and the entire nervous system to send and receive messages. It is critical that it be in its most optimal position. Bodies are made of vibration and sound is composed of vibration. Vibration dances with vibration as Sound Codes TM are sang to your spine. The result is the proper alignment of the cervical one vertabra, and the benefit is an increased in general wellness and health on all levels. Level 2 specifically addresses the coccyx and xiphoid process.

Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement® and the Anat Baniel Method(sm) are both learning modalities that consist of gentle, simple, slow movement sequences that improve your balance, coordination, flexibility and breathing. Since it is the brain that controls movement and its organizational quality, the movement lessons provide the brain information it needs to organize more effective movement. The lessons offer immediate improvement by changing the neuro-muscular patterns that cause the pain.


Neurovascular Integration uses neurosensory techniques to increase proper autonomic feedback and decrease symphathetic drive. More peaceful and calmer nervous system as opposed to fight, flight and freeze response.

Spiritual Counseling/East-west Psychology/Diamond Logos includes your energetic story and your subtle body. Part of this is exploring the interface between body-mind-emotion and how you show up in your real time relationships. Areas of congruency in the electric and fluid bodies are examined and cultivated. I am of best use to people who are consciously transforming their lives. I am a midwife to souls and assist those in spiritual emergence. My specialty is taking the whole psychophysiospiritual being and holding the space for his/her birthing. 


Essential Mouthwork, with its proximity to the brain stem, initiates a neurological conversation allowing new neural pathways to emerge that create new response patterns of stress chemistry.

Core Individuation (TM) is energy medicine based on the work of Desda Zuckerman. Everything vibrates at a frequency of light and can be interacted with to arrive at profound healing. This profound transformational work is based on a thorough mapping of the human energetic structure. Some of the protocols available in Medicine Bag are: clearing of the physical and energetic body, pre and post surgical operation support, venting of trauma/pain, rebuilding the electromagnetic field, severing entanglements and signature attunement and removal.

I train individuals on how to cultivate choice. My work with you includes connecting to your power, ease, lightness and sense of solidity and commitment. These are your resources that you come back to repeatedly as we touch and cycle through places of pain and contraction. You will train in coming to your center, falling out of balance and learning to find your way back into your center. Choice is an embodied experience, not just a cognitive decision.

Letting go of old habits is just but one phase.

  • Even if we desire and know how to let go, what are the choices to let go into?

  • Where do you land when you let go?

  • How do you know when you’ve arrived?

  • What are your bodily cues that tell you when you are centered or ungrounded?

  • What body postures do you engage in when you are relaxed, happy, angry, anxious?

I teach you to create a wider baseline experientially, which means more embodied choices. When you are ready to let go at any moment, you are letting go into a choice of being.

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