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I love the work I do with clients because in partnership with them, I witness them expand to who they fully are. How awesome is that!! In re-membering themselves, I see clients come home and awaken to their bodies and senses. I get to participate and encourage the joy in re-uniting with their open hearts, relaxed bellies and solid footing in embodied ways. I love the wonder, the delight and the surprise when clients meet their own power and bigness. I feel very honored to be entrusted this privilege of accompanying people in this sacred journey.

I am a holistic and complementary healthcare practitioner as well as awareness teacher who leads you to discover and explore movement in your sensing, acting and feeling. Through presence, clarity and hands-on healing, I facilitate individuals  to be more awake to themselves.  I offer a fountain where neuroscience, psychology, biology, movement, energy medicine and spirituality meet.

My interest in the body-mind-spirit connection has its roots in my childhood. My mother was a natural healer in the Philippines and as a child, I often was around watching and assisting during her treatments. Having parents from two cultures was fertile ground for my perceiving of differences, similarities and connections.

I graduated cum laude from the University of California San Diego with a double degree in Anthropology and Third World Studies. I studied and worked in Kenya as an anthropologist’s assistant. At the age of 21, I let go of a doctoral appointment in medical anthropology at UCLA after working in Calcutta, India with Mother Teresa. Facing death opened an existential angst and propelled me to look at life not from a 21 year old perspective, but from a fast-forward 80 year old woman looking back at her life, and choosing to live a life that made more sense. I spent the decade of my twenties living as a contemplative in the Buddhist monasteries in Asia. As part of the traditional training, I studied philosophy and was immersed in meditation training, mindfulness being one of them.

I graduated with a Masters degree in East-west Psychology from CIIS. My focus was consciousness transformation and spiritual emergence. Having drenched myself in the study of the psyche from both psychological and spiritual dimensions, I felt a somatic approach was needed to complement my investigations. I continued into doctoral work and found midway that the courses were like recipes in a cookbook. Recipes did not satiate my hunger. I continued my explorations with even more experiential modalities that were more meaningful making for myself.

I furthered my interest in the exploration of the body in the professional training of Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement® and Anat Baniel Method SM. Both are experiential learning modalities in understanding the development and mechanics of human movement. The lessons are designed to create optimal conditions for learning and because of its successful outcomes and effectiveness, it is used in rehabilitation clinics, music conservatories, theatre companies and gymnasiums around the world. It taps the innate intelligence of the brain to create new neurological patterns to create better functioning in movement, whether physical, mental or emotional. Furthering my training in neurobiology, I also offer individuals work through Neurovascular Integration and Essential mouth work. I am also a Certified Atlas Balancer (TM) and a sound code therapist. In addition, I am a  Medicine Bag and Core Individuation (TM) practitioner.

I have been an educator for more than a decade working with people of all abilities. In my experience teaching both children and adults with different challenges and gifts, I have come to appreciate the various learning styles of each individual. Moreover, I have come to sharpen my teaching skills to meet what is required in each moment. I have taught students with learning disabilities (dyslexia, Asperger’s Syndrome), students with developmental disabilities, students with physical limitations, students who were not happy with their successes and wished for a higher learning that spirituality can provide, students who are grieving about their lives or the death of a loved one. My professional training became more meaningful with my own personal experiences with loss, spiritual emergence and chronic pain.  When life unfolds unexpectedly, we learn to swim with grace, or otherwise we sink. These “dark nights of the soul” (yes, there is more than one in a lifetime!) have guided me into cyclical individuation and a deeper clarity and acceptance of the dynamic stability inherent in life. Everything I do with my clients and students derive from my personal trials and explorations to deepen my healing and recognition of my wholeness.


In this spectrum of babies to elders, I have come to witness what human development looks like and what it can be given the right direction. My teaching style focuses on how each student can flourish.

My approach is deeply rooted in awareness training. I bring at least 25 years of body, mind and spirit exploration with the ability of the brain to make change at any age. The medium I use are awareness, touch, sound and movement.

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