Atlas Balancing


“My dizziness has gone away for the first time since February (in 11 months). I feel more connected and fueled by something pure deep within. I’m experiencing more peace and sense of spaciousness within my physical, mental, emotional, pranic and spiritual bodies. I am grateful for all of these openings.”                    


Yesterday I had a massage with the woman who’s been working on me monthly for 13 years. She knows my body. I eagerly told her about the treatments I had with you a couple weeks ago. She said she noticed when I walked in that something about me was different–posture or the way I held myself–she wasn’t sure. And after working on my back, shoulders, legs and feet, and shoulders and upper chest in front, she reported that it was like “a whole new body!”  It was amazing to follow the “leads”– I could feel her doing that. I was surprised that many of the old chronically painful , tight areas just weren’t like that any more, or only slightly.

I do feel in better balance, more centered, joints freer, less in need of “managing” my body, or it seems natural and automatic and comfortable. Since then, I have been aware of my need to do less, to ask for help more often, not to push myself energetically. This awareness has been upfront as I age, and since Saturday, I have found it easier and natural to stop sooner, let things go, stay in the moment, to be OK with that.  Very pleasantly trusting.


After the first Atlas Balancing session, I felt immediately more vast and spacious. I was able to make clearer choices that were beneficial for myself. I feel more integrated, more connected. I feel strong and spiritually clear. I started manifesting in my life, and it would immediately appear and come. I went down to see a friend in Los Angeles, and when she saw me, the first thing she said is, “I want what you have. I can’t believe the change in you.”

After the level 2 coccyx and xiphoid process session, I really felt unified in my being. I experienced it as spiritual alignment. I was really coming to my path stronger in what I came here to do. I felt more congruent and clear. Things that would get me down before did not have the same power. I have more clarity and make the right choices. Even when a situation is confusing, I know that this is just something happening and it doesn’t take me over. I feel my core. I look forward to growing more in this. It gave me my voice back with a certain confidence spiritually. It also gave me my ability to share more in my feeling life. It gave me a certain amount of courage to express my feelings than I did before. I felt weak in that way before or was worried about criticism. I don’t have those things affect me so much now.


These are samples of healing with sound frequencies that I provide for clients as a sound code therapist. These frequencies and codes come from ancient knowledge and can be likened to keys that open different doorways. As current quantum physics point, we are both particle and wave. Sound addresses the wave directly, and has its profound effects on the particle. I sing to you, and your vibrational harmonic symphony shifts. Each individual needs a unique offering of sounds for his/her individual needs at the current time. Each organ, tissue, emotion and thought structure has a sound frequency or vibrational signature. There are many more frequencies for  addressing and upgrading the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical conditions.

Reconnect with Divine Grace

Light from Above

State of Love

Anxiety is an Illusion

Guilt is a Lie


Why is the Atlas alignment so vitally important for health and conscious evolution?


The balancing of the Atlas is extremely important to everyone for their overall vitality and long-term health. Being the Gateway for the brain and the entire nervous system to send and receive messages, makes it critical for it’s functionality to be unimpeded and in the most optimal position possible.


“Atlas Balancing™ is holistic… blending body, mind and spirit. We do not manipulate the body but support the organism in a gentle way to find its own balance in the physical as well as the energetic and mental-emotional bodies. Our work is energetic and applies touch for health, a form of spiritual healing. The effects are quite amazing and are long-term,” states Elizabeth Westermann (The originator of this system) more about Elizabeth click here.

Spine 101

The spine is made up of 33 linked bones called vertebrae. At the very top of the spine is the first cervical vertebra called the Atlas. The Atlas carries the head and is responsible for the proper alignment of the entire spinal cord and skeletal system.
The cervical spine (neck) has 7 vertebrae.
The thoracic spine has 12 vertebrae.
The lumbar spine has 5 vertebrae.
The sacrum consists of 5 bones which are fused or stuck together.

The coccyx is made up of 4 tiny bones and used to be a tail.

Atlas Alignment

When the Atlas is out of place it causes the head to tilt and turn and the entire spine follows this error, spreading confusion throughout the body’s skeletal structure. A direct symptom of this misalignment is a stiffening of the muscles. This stiffening of the muscles causes many other painful symptoms to affect the body such as constriction of blood flow, spinal fluid and bodily fluids causing the immune system to become weak and sluggish. The body instinctively tries to straighten the head up while keeping the head over the feet (center of gravity). And this further causes stress throughout the spine, the shoulders, the pelvis, the hips, the knees, and the ankles.

Typical Symptoms for Atlas Misplacement:

  • Migraines, headaches, TMJ, maxillary problems of all kinds
  • Neck pain, stiff neck, back pain, herniated disk, scoliosis, jammed spinal nerves
  • Pain in the hips, knees and joints, differences in leg length and continuous pressure on the spinal column.
  • Digestive problems, diarrhea and constipation, allergies and food intolerances
  • Diabetes Mellitus, low blood-iron, high cholesterol in the blood
  • High blood pressure, tachycardia at night
  • Psychological disorders, especially depression and fear
  • Dizziness, tinnitus, all kinds of nerve-disorders and diseases
  • Autoimmune reactions and illnesses

Getting Your Head on Straight

It has been observed that the Atlas from birth is turned at least 19 degrees out of alignment. So this profound turn and also the tilting of this vertebra can potentially cause a number of discomforts and even diseases. If the birth process has been dramatic in any way, it may  be turned even more. Physical accidents and falls may also worsen the position.

Once the Atlas has found its way back to its original position, it will have the stability that was not there before. For anatomical-mechanical reasons, it will not be able to leave its newfound stabilized position and return to its previous misaligned location. It will remain stable throughout the individual’s entire lifetime.

When the Atlas is in a stabilized, balanced position, the life force energy sometimes referred to as “kundalini”, the energy of awakening, can also rise in a more balanced, harmonic way. This happens because of the way the main blockages release when the Atlas is realigned.

Effects on the emotional and mental systems through the changes in the static alignment of the body, old traumas may be released, and limiting thoughts and emotional patterns may surface and dissolve. Even depression and fear disorders will often be influenced in a positive way through this self-healing process. And the great news is All this happens automatically, by itself, and cannot be predicted in any form or time frame.

Atlas Balancing™ does not involve diagnosis or therapy in the physical sense. We are working with energetic healing, touch for health and spiritual healing. This work is not meant to replace the therapeutic work of the medical profession but is a support in re-awakening the self-healing capabilities and health in every person. The methodology intertwines body, mind and spirit and is used for the healing of the whole person.

Atlas Balancing™ helps the human body and energy-system to cope more easily with the Awakening process and how energies are pulsing through the body.

Animals are also very, very receptive to this treatment even horses. The work can assist to bring them back to balanced health.

Level 2 session: COCCYX & XYPHOID SESSION 

Level 2 is a significant upgrade and integrates both the coccyx and xyphoid energetic sound codes’ alignment. Together they are very important in the overall structural framework and opening up channels for increased inner attunement and healing.

Client must do Atlas Balancing first before doing the coccyx and xyphoid session.

The region of the coccyx has an important influence on the structural system, and in most people, is out of balance like the Atlas. The coccyx is either tilted, turned, buckled or even broken through an accident or fall. Since the spine is one system, what happens on one end is reflected on the other as well.

When the coccyx is aligned using the soundcodes™, there can be a stabilizing and supporting influence on the structure of the body that can help to integrate, quite naturally, with the initial Atlas Balancing. There appears to be a direct effect on the digestive organs as well as the organs of the pelvis region. We all know that a point of great stress for many is the lower back region. This alignment may help to relieve those pains so the back can begin to relax more profoundly.

In the energetic bodies, one might experience an easier flow of the kundalini (spiritual) energies. Clients may feel more grounded, more at ease and connected with themselves because the integration process of our multi-dimensional bodies can be responding more easily. This realignment, addresses the concept “as above so below” and can lead to the deeper personal connection to source energy, the pure inspiration of healing one’s being.

The coccyx alignment may be performed more than one time and differs in that way from the Atlas Balancing. The reason for that is because it is possible, that through traumas and falls of different kinds, the coccyx can be thrown out of balance again. It does NOT have a socket like the Atlas does which fits firmly into place.

Center of the body (XYPHOID area)
We know that the center of the body, the xiphoid region, is also very important for the balance of the body and energetic system. Research continues in this area, however, several years of experience seem to show, that working with our specific soundcodes™ for the xiphoid area along with gentle touch, can create a highly energetic partnership with the coccyx for overall balancing and healthy functioning of emotional, mental and physical states of the subtle bodies.

As we know, emotional blockages can be stored in the xyphoid area both in physical as well as energetic imprints of past traumas. Deep releases are experienced and reported from people feeling more connected to their own innate, unlimited power.

Other Benefits:
•The horizontal alignment of the body may become more balanced
•Aches and pain in this region can dissolve
•Emotional and mental programming blockages can dissolve
•Communication pathways can begin anchoring from your innate true nature
•Ancestral patterns can release
•The lower ego structures can disintegrate
•Happiness, a positive approach towards life, integrity, prosperity, success and connectedness can become one’s daily experience
•Awakening into the consciousness of unity, oneness of all life-expression will be greatly supported
•One’s special, individual abilities and gifts can begin to unfold effortlessly


In general Westermann says, that most of the time, while the balancing brings a physical relief in different areas of the body, there is also a profound change in the attitude towards life. It is to be observed that people experience more expanded states of consciousness (being in the Presence), bliss and more aliveness. I also observed that people that have done deep spiritual work for sometime seem to more easily stay in elevated states of awareness. When the energy centers balance and realign the flow throughout the body is increased.