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The veils are thin at this time of the year. We dress up as our alter egos and wear permissible attire for Halloween or we venerate our ancestors paying homage to our connections if we celebrate all soul’s day. The rain drenches our gardens and we turn our plots from summer to winter crops. As the seasons turn inward, we as a culture become more outward and busier preparing for the holidays and gatherings.

As of late, I have been spending more time outside for extended periods of time and I am being reminded that my home is bigger than four walls. With so much beauty, it is easy to be intoxicated.

Ancient Persia philosophized and wrote poems around beauty. If the creator represents absolute good and absolute beauty, then it is said that the nature of beauty is to desire manifestation. Certainly there is a great abundance of beauty manifesting here on earth.

Whenever I think of being born as a human, I become happy to experience the flowers opening in the meadows. Or the cool sensation of the breeze or warmth of the morning sun on my face. The dappling light reminds me of the glow of our spirits. The trailing branches of the pepper leaves invite us to a dream made real, tendrils beseeching us to remember.

Being human, we sometimes forget and get lost in the shadows. But who we are extends beyond. Yes it includes the shadow that light may know itself greater, more inclusive, richer and undivided. In our habitual, we mistake our comfortable for the totality of what is possible. Our barometer for deep appreciation plummets, even falters as we swim in the lake of forgetfulness. We succumb to me versus you rather than we are one planet, one being. We choose to conquer instead of tending and protecting. In the maze of busyness, we forget time for marveling.

What is marvelous in your life right now? In the sheer eloquence of fresh beginner’s mind, our hearts open. We volunteer to leave our provisional toys for more substantiality. In opening to beauty, we find love. There is enough for everyone.

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