Cracks of Hauntedness

In my life, longing has been a very close friend. Somehow, it has accompanied both the ancient and child parts of me. What about you?

In our longing lies the distillation of our deepest heart and soul hopes and dreams.

Longing has been the doorway to the divine for me.

Within our yearnings are buried our aspirations and the blueprints of our visions of what love and happiness could be. For me, it has been a sacred place to sit with my tenderness, and allow the softness to come out of its hidings. In the bosom of a flower lies its very seeds.

If you don’t believe me, go look within. If that is too difficult, then search a flower. She will reveal as a mirror to your very unfolding.

Hafiz in ancient Persia shared, “When all your desires are distilled you will cast just two votes: to love more, and be happy.”

In our most fundamental simplicity, we get mired in so much complexity. Why is that? If loving is the most natural and basic ground of who we are, why do we fight it so much? If all we do in life is to be happy, why are not more people happy?

I hear the chirping birds and observe the hummingbird fleeting from red sage flower to the next, searching for the nectar. We all do the same.

If I was to reflect how beautiful you are, could you receive it? If I was to love you even in the midst of your rejection and inability to receive, would that scare you? If holding your clay feet unto the earth is all it takes for you to fully be in this human embodied incarnation, will you smell the fragrance of this hand that offers you flowers?

In an instant or eons of time, can a sliver of light touch your tenderness through the cracks of hauntedness?

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