Hypnotic is the pitter patter of the rain pounding on my roof, creating thousands of dancing circles on puddles everywhere, as though each one is a spirit released in delight. There is something about the diminished visibility that pulls one in as pine needles get heavy with raindrops adding grace to their stance. It is a signal to not hurry and attune to one’s breath, to an elemental rhythm that is so ancient.

I watched a young bear foraging, lumbering across the forest and then up onto the hill. I watched a woodpecker skillfully remove the bark of a tree looking for its next meal. The buck stood still as I passed three feet away, standing in its dignity with the towering granite mountains bearing witness. In another grove a newly wed are photographed as they settle in each other’s arms. Earlier in the month, I watched a baby lynx meandering in the morning meadow. A man powered his wheelchair with his arms as he wheeled into the tunnel of trees, the dove silver cliffs punctuating the endless horizon. Between the river streams, I waited for a glimpse of dragonflies, mayflies or a fairy delighting amongst the cathedral of mushrooms.

There is an opalescent glow to the golden amber leaves carpeting the forest floors. I made my offering of a fresh date so that the nectar of sweetness along with a graceful dance can be received from this human kind. Too often the creatures of my species are too much takers of this earth. We’ve lost the grace as we’ve become more automatons. We’ve forgotten how to serve and share the earth we all derive nourishment from.

I come to nature to re/member. I also reciprocate in the long alliance between the seen and unseen worlds. Then there is mirth accompanying the solace of belonging. I smell the scent of the moist earth and the clouds a soft shawl to my shoulders as a grandmother would drape it.

This season, how do you reconnect with our greater kinship on this earth?

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