Core Individuation

Core Individuation (TM)

6.2_Layers of One Body. wedgeWhen the subtle anatomy is off, we have a difficult time. This can be experienced as body pains like headaches or back pain for example, a sense of numbness, interpersonal conflict and disturbance, anxiety or brain fog. By doing adjustments to the subtle body, you can feel better and be empowered in your essence. This means a clarity of vision, an access to your vitality and an expression of your joy and creativity in your life. Your Human Energetic Structure wants wholeness and energy is intelligent.


❖ Sever entanglements and inappropriate energetic relationships. IERs happen when one or both parties manipulate the other to get what they want. Expose your hidden agendas and reclaim your full structure.

❖ Learn how to be in intimacy without merging.

❖ Remove signatures of trauma, shock, accidents, drugs, medications and events in your life. Examples include energetic signatures of car crashes that have caused whiplash and neck injury, anaesthesia that was used for surgery, the signature of living with alcoholic or/and depressed parents.

❖ Attune chemotherapy, other medications and implants to human frequency. Pre/post surgical operation support using energy medicine. Venting of pain and trauma.

❖ Removal of karmic wounds, life patterns and soul congestions that inhibit your fully occupying yourself.

❖ Clearing/Rebuilding the human electromagnetic field.

❖ Chakra plaque release & lifting the cowl.

❖ Take ownership of your life by connecting more fully to your purpose, function and wisdom.

❖ Connect with your four aspects (emotional, psychological, physical and mental) in order to address fears and unrevealed gifts you have to walk your talk.

Thanks to Desda Zuckerman for providing images of the human energetic system.



A client suffering from depression, after a basic clearing of the layers, felt “easier, more spacious, not so dark, more joyful, less fragile, more grateful, sense of bubbling inside, hopeful, joy, possible light back!”

“Kathrina is an extraordinary health practitioner and a gifted natural healer. My CI work with her not only addressed long standing issues in a holistic and effective way, but the work continues to unfold and be relevant these many months later. I found that CI addressed challenges I have been working on for a very long time in an integrative and effective way. I feel tremendous space around the limitations that I have experienced in the past and great hope in creating my future. Kathrina is the Labron James of the healing world and we are all blessed to get to work with her.” – Chris

After attuning a cataract lens after a surgery, a client immediately commented that her lens felt less sharp around the edges. 

I do extensive and specific  clearings, alignments, and procedures that help you expand more fully into your structure. Often energetic debris act as veils obscuring the real issues, wounds, patterns and traumas. These are lodged in the structures as well as shape and form individual development, both in wellness and pathology. By clearing, we make more space for your authentic self to emerge. Alignment helps adjust the anatomy into a healthy state. Procedure results in the transformation by directly freeing old patterns that keep you stuck.

Core Individuation (TM) is a subtle anatomy healing modality developed by Desda Zuckerman. She wrote the book, Your Sacred Anatomy, based on her work for the last 45 years.Everything vibrates at a frequency of light and can be interacted with to arrive at profound healing and harmony. You are much larger than you think you are. This work empowers you to expand into your whole energetic structure.I  invite you to experience Core Individuation, and together we can witness your sacred anatomy bridging the gaps, difficulties and holding patterns as you expand into your wholeness. I am delighted to offer this energy medicine as a complementary modality to allopathic medicine, as well as a profound transformational work based on the thorough mapping of the human energetic structure. I invite you to experience yourself in a new way.Much like a chiropractor works with the spine or a physical therapist works with tendons and nerves, I , as a practitioner, work with the parts of the subtle anatomy in partnership with my clients.I have been serving my clients by:-working with the Bones of Light to attune cancer patients to their chemotherapy.-lifting signatures of drugs out of the human energetic structure after surgery.-clearing the layers as one would do a spring housecleaning of the energy structure.-venting of trauma and pain in a hip that has repeatedly been injured over a lifetime.-rebuilding the human electromagnetic field.-severing entanglements and inappropriate energetic relationships.Other extensive protocols available in Medicine Bag are: a surgery suite that includes pre, during and post surgical operation support, energy generators, signature attunement and removal.