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Wisdom Circle Thursday

Shaping Your Happiness:                                              Creating a New Neurological Story                                

an experiential evening with Kathrina Kasha Peterson

Thursday February 25, 7:00- 9:00 pm
Open Secret Bookstore, San Rafael, 

Come join me for Wisdom Thursday once a month and let us journey together in creating a new neurological story. There is an impetus in human beings to survive and once these basic needs are met, to continue on to thrive. One of the most basic needs is safety. What happens when the feeling of safety gets compromised? When stress dominates one’s life, the sympathetic nervous system takes charge and a whole host of dis-ease manifests. We see these in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual illnesses. It is the organism’s way of calling for help and balancing itself. With the right support, the parasympathetic nervous system can take more charge.

Spiritual emersupportgroup

Spiritual emersupportgroup
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