Healing Journeys

We live in a time when most people have forgotten about pilgrimages. Life is busy for many, and time is a luxury.  Pilgrimages need time. Time is needed to feel the unbounded spirit. There is a quality of freedom in the unscheduled and unstructured. It allows us to meet our true face. It softens our vision that we may see something grander than our petty concerns. We bring to the pilgrimage all of ourselves: curiosity, doubts, pain, joys, hopes, ignorance, resistance, sickness, vulnerability and trust.    

                                               -Camino: A Mental & Spiritual Journey


arm movement dreamA few times a year, I invite individuals to join me in healing journeys to sacred places around the world. In the last year, individuals have joined me through Skype and have received elemental healings from places such as Hawaii, Peru and the Camino to Santiago in Spain. These are sacred places recognized as pilgrimage sites or/and are in a vortex field.

In the next year, I will expand its reach to a deeper and wider conscious engagement with  primordial beginnings of the elements as well as the sustaining myth that hold you. Personal and collective mythologies and archetypes will be explored. In current lingo, what is your current mapping? How do you orient in time and space? Is your functioning in your life dovetailing with your life purpose and wisdom? Which elements in you are awake?

group playing flute

Individual healing sessions will be part of these sacred journeys. Participants are encouraged to bring intent to join this grid. I work with the bigger field that holds us all. Your contribution is an important part of it. Meditation, reflections, prayer will hold and connect stillness and movement, no matter which part of the world you are joining from.

It is no surprise that the natural world has always provided wellness, spaciousness and new insights to us humans. The field is always holding us. The invitation of creation awaits us. The birth of recognition within ourselves is waiting to come into union.

20160220_115043Will you take my hand, and together we make a circle?

A journey begins with a single step. A carpet is woven with many stitches. We gather to bring our collective knowingness. We are stronger when we come together.



 The elements of earth, water, fire and air lead us internally and externally. We honor its qualities. We notice its equilibrium and what happens when one predominates over the other. We find our dwelling place as the blades of grass  respond to the wind or the water shimmers to receive the sun. We wait as the blue heron crouches in stillness. We bring the wisdom of our senses, listen in a resting place and allow the inherent movement to undulate in its primordial dance. The archaeology of these sacred sites marry the inner sanctums of our deepest beings.

” Our perceptions of our selves, of others and the world are developed and maintained by underlying beliefs, attitudes, postures, and values. When we come home to our bodies, we surrender to the heightening of our senses. The inner and outer are not separate. God is not up there. God is in our every experience.”   

                                      -Camino: A Mental & Spiritual Journey