Limitations: Invitations to greater freedom

When you can’t do  one thing, there are a trillion other possibilities in this world. That is the beauty. There is always a gap when comparison is present. My capacities do serve as a limit to another who doesn’t have the same pace. It is different and an adjustment needs to be made. This very limitation, however, is your invitation to greater freedom. There is a discerning that happens. Now if there is a war against this, then it becomes a problem for that person.

We all have some kind of limitation. We all have our “no’s” – what looks like “no” on the outside, but are also “yes” for us inside. I see wholeness, not just brokenness. I can look at anything and see possibilities. I see this not just in my work, but when I see a fallow land, a chair, a canvas, food items, relationships. What about you? How wide is the spectrum of possibilities you allow yourself? What is the ceiling of the impossible you constrain yourself with? Take a moment to examine different parts of your life right now, and listen to what immediately arises for you.

20130311_110050I look at a plant and know it will grow bigger, bear fruits and flowers. I appreciate it in all its stages of wholeness. I don’t hurry up the stages because it is not developmentally not there. I don’t get impatient with the plant.  When we are invested in the plant giving us something now, then we get frustrated with the plant. When this happens, it is a great opportunity to see how we are being confronted with our wanting and what all that means: fear, anxiety, desire…and the grief of not having it the way we want it. We are all plants and we are not exactly the same plant either. Do you accept the kind of plant you are? Do you hurry your timing from a bud to a flower?

Why do we turn our backs on the preciousness? Love is true a meeting and it is who we are and it is also rare and precious. Why do we squander it?

In my rush to get it settled, am I rushing this little fragile plant in growing? It (grief) is a little plant too. The break up is a little plant too. I remember the process of my breasts growing from small to big. Endings are beginnings too.

Here in the Tetons mountains, all the wildflowers are reminding me that “right conditions” for growing are not about a judgmental right and wrong. Mountain wildflowers grow in the toughest conditions and so they are strong and also fragile.

Hold on to the beauty that you see. No one can take that away even if they disagree. It is your experience. Don’t give it up. It is your specialness. Your preciousness. You are adorable, sexy and sweet! Believe in yourself!

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