Movement Repatterning

“…Wow, there was strength. My hips were looser, and there was power. I’m suitably impressed. I’ve had a horribly stiff neck for weeks, and the work with Kathrina has made me very aware of all the subtle ways I use my body that aggravate my neck condition. What is most surprising about her work, is how something can be so subtle, so entirely pain free, and yet so effective. ” -Miriam   

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The following videos are short lessons you can do at home, in the office or in the airplane to help you with more relaxation, ease, and better sense of yourself.

Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement® and the Anat Baniel Method(sm)

are both learning modalities that consist of gentle, simple, slow movement sequences that improve your balance, coordination, flexibility and breathing. People with chronic pain like back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain often use the same movement over and over again, and these places get worn out with the same mis(use) over a lifetime.

Pain can be a doorway to learning a new way of moving. Feldenkrais and Anat Baniel Method are powerful modalities that engage the student in taking ownership of their power to be free of pain.The lessons are based on developmental movements that babies use to roll, crawl, and get from lying to sitting. Since all functioning stems from the brain’s ability to organize movement, the lessons tap into the brain’s  learning capacity to create new connections and patterns. 

abm with abbieThrough movement explorations led by the teacher, students are encouraged to learn how their most basic movement functions are organized. With awareness, students differentiate for themselves between a movement that is limited by hidden habits of contractions and a movement that is effortless and easy. This is a difference between a painful or a pleasurable action. 

Since it is the brain that controls movement and its organizational quality, the movement lessons provide the brain information it needs to organize more effective movement. In this way, the inherent ability of the brain to change and move optimally is accessed. New possibilities of moving and sensing are the results. In the explorations of bodily movements, one also has the opportunity to be aware of the movement of thought, feeling, intention and action. It is at this junction that change occurs.

Neuroscientist speaks of how Feldenkrais® and Anat Baniel Method(sm) grow systems in the brain through movement that matters to brain. 

Group classes 

Group classes are called Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) or Transformative Movement Learning (TML) depending on the modality. Group classes, which are verbally led, are safe for students of all ages and all abilities. Wear comfortable clothes.

Private lessons

A private lesson (Functional Synthesis in ABM) is an opportunity for the student to get a custom tailored lesson that fits the needs of the person.  You might want to be more comfortable with the violin or piano, touch the floor with more ease or have a more harmonious deeper twist in your yoga class. You may want to find another way to embody what it means to be coming from your power, or to open your heart. The gentle, non-invasive touch and movement are instructive and informative, not corrective. Wear loose comfortable clothes to the session.

Custom group or individual classes for your company or organization.
Is there a way that your company can better manage back pain that would cost less? Yes.
Organizations and corporations need high performing and healthy people. With so much of the work force centering around the computer, there is an increase in neck and back pain as well as repetitive stress injuries. I offer an approach that is safe, effective and cost-effective. Your organization can lower absenteeism, increase employee retention, productivity and perfomance.   Please call or email.    

I provide a service that increases employee productivity by cutting back on sick days due to repetetive stress injuries related to working with computers. Incorrect posture and poor ergonomics result in neuromuskuloskeletal disorders. For the company, employee health dysfunction means more sick days, unhappy and less productive employees and more money spent by the company. The holistic wellness program I offer reduce health care costs, disability and worker’s compensation claims as well as improve worker health, functioning, productivity and performance. I work both with individuals as well as provide movement classes for groups of employees to address specifically work related stress such as:

Decrease RSI
Prevent the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome
Reduce neck pain, shoulder and joint pain
Decrease back pain
Improve eye strain

The outcomes are pain reduction as well as increased stress management skills. The movement classes I offer increase the fitness level of employees as well as improve the quality of their lives.  I am available to serve the Northern California Area.     

NeuroVascular Integration & Mouthwork

Neurovascular Integration uses neurosensory techniques to increase proper autonomic feedback and decrease symphathetic drive. It is a form of cranio-sacral therapy and works directly with the fluids of the body.cranium
Essential Mouthwork, with its proximity to the brain stem, initiates a neurological conversation allowing new neural pathways to emerge that create new response patterns of stress chemistry.  Critical developmental skills, from the beginnings of embryology onward, integrate through our mouths. Our sensory, motor and visceral systems all organize themselves  according to the formation of the mouth tissue.The oral cavity mirrors the pelvis and the exploration of these structures lend to a deepening sense of health and well-being in the neuromusculoskeletal function. Somatic dysfunctions of the throat, mouth and cranium, including the autonomic craniosacral system, are addressed effectively, whether incurred at children or as later traumas as adults. This is a profound doorway to developmental and neurosensory issues.



How is mindfulness an integral part of my work with you?

For example:  an individual with  chronic back pain shows up presenting strong physical sensations on the lower back. We address the neuromuscular as well as skeletal biomechanics of the physical stance and movement. We work with relaxation and core unwinding of the self. Usually, the client may also have an emotional state of fear and a belief that it is not okay and safe to move forward in a decision in one’s life, whether personal or professional. There might be a dynamic around survival or connection. It may illicit earlier fears of not feeling safe in the family of origin when one was a child. One of the aims of our session is for you to bring more awareness to these patterns and create new patterns that you begin to make different choices.

A mindful body is one that is responsive rather than reactive. It is alive, present, permeable, versatile, flexible, nuanced, confident and available for interaction. It is a mind that is free to move in its thinking ways, pliable to receive other beliefs besides ones’ own. It is a heart that is open, allowing the passing of a congealed emotional constellation that no longer serves life.

In the cultivation of mindfulness, we allow space for noticing the dissipation, meaning the coming and goings of experiences and mind processes. We then use this to fine tune the mind to follow a more directed path to follow objects to which we want to focus on. The sessions we do together aim in a non-contrived way for you to sense the dynamic nature of the body-mind process. Within the session, you may experience moments where there is an absences of self-grasping as well sharpen your enquiry and investigation to what is the true nature of yourself. Insight or vipassana requires just enough concentration and calmness of mind in order to direct your activity from one aspect to another. When the mind is not pulled every which way, the one-pointed presence is used to discern, investigate and analyze your embodied experience through physical sensations and how they shadow, trigger, or evoke a mind and emotional state. Often these are unconscious or on the subconscious level.

In my work with you, I marry the concept of neural plasticity and the practice of mindfulness together. As you know, current neuroscientific research suggests that the brain is highly malleable and that  new connections between neurons may be formed or even brand-new neurons generated. Touch, directed movement of consciousness as well as minute gentle slow physical movements  in a safe, contained individualized session is powerful. This open, spacious and dynamic being with presence allows the person to drop in the “zone” and “see” for one’s self the nature and characteristic of your observation and its effects on your health and wellness. Mindfulness in its developed form can bring a highly refined sensitivity to both the external and internal phenomena.

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