Profound Witnessing

     Nature is such a profound teacher and I learnt so much from the elements there. The ocean is so powerful and strong. It was the first time I experienced its rawness as a threat to my sense of safety, and its quality to be able to simply take me away into its depths. As I stood at the shore with the waves washing my feet and ankles, I took a gulp and felt apprehension. I allowed myself the full freedom to witness my fear. This allowed me to just experience the dynamic comings and goings of my body-mind process. I was able to assess my limitations as well. As I differentiated the layers of beliefs, emotions and animal body instincts, something splendid opened. Slowly, I inched my way back and forth, forward a little then back to the shore. From this new reset, I was able to take fuller risks comfortably and before long, I was catching the waves on a bogey board, laughing, enjoying myself fully with the power of the ocean!

      Many times we do not give ourselves full permission to feel our discomfort, fear and threat to safety. When we stop ourselves from experiencing pain (whether physical or emotional), we cramp the valves to our vitality. Those places in the past and the present where we do not want to look at hold such tremendous information and value for us. When we listen to our discomfort, we open up to a whole ocean of emotions and with it, we become vitalized again. Those places we think we do not feel are actually mines of compressed riches and doorways to our greatest gifts and freedoms. On this token, depression is a compressed field of flowers ready to be witnessed. Remember that wherever this is density, there is wealth.

     One of the greatest wounds I see in my work with clients and students is that they haven’t been witnessed enough by others and themselves. Their parents, friends, colleagues and the culture at large as a whole do not witness. We are a talking culture, not a listening one. We as human beings need to be witnessed by others. We also need to witness ourselves in the places of sadness, joy, numbness and triumph.  Consequently, one of the greatest gifts of these encounters is to be witnessed profoundly. When we are witnessed from this place devoid of an agenda, a deep learning and resetting occurs in the nervous system. This then becomes available to be passed on by that person to another.

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