Remembering You

Often I get asked by my clients as to how to explain my work with them. They experience it, and find it difficult to explain to others what it is. I encourage them to share their outcomes rather than a cognitive explanation of it. When I ask them, “what it feels like?”, here are a few of the responses. “Your work with me feels like you are playing the keys of the piano on my body.” “It feels like butterflies all over me.” “I see the crystalline structure.” “I feel deep peace and stillness.” “I see light.”

We are vastness itself. At times, we sink tenderly into moments where the stillness shimmers as pearls drawing forth the treasures of softness. At other times, we glimpse the lattice of our starlit hearts. We remember the golden threads that weave us. Like the quiet murmuring brook, we access the different facets of our multi dimensional selves. The cosmogenesis really is love.

At times, it is through the magnificence of the mountains that we sink and surrender to this grandeur that we are made of. Sometimes, it is within the stillness of the giants of trees that we remember. In the storms of forgetfulness, I come to remind you of how sacred you are.

In the dewdrops of dawn, you catch the lights of sapphire and remember being held in this cradle of delight and innocence. I come to accompany you in your emergence. Like the mist gently embracing you, I bring the shawl of inspiration that you may remember that you are caretakers of this world. In the blizzards that bury what you know, I offer the delicate lace patterns of dragonfly wings. You are powerful and strong. You are love.


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