Spaces of Intimacy

“Oh the road and their cadence.” – Jean Caubere, Deserts

What are the movements of your spaces? The impression of space is different than the experience of space. What is the taste of the space in your mouth? What space receives the warm air just before the nostrils? We do not have to live in mere representations. As we experience life, we allow it to engrave us, leave its caresses. Here we can experience the containment of space. We can know the intimate holding of space with ourselves. We find in this containment a dynamic and fluid conversation suggesting endless possibilities. Space invites us into intimacy. We can know ourselves as part of something greater –  a connected matrix. Perhaps its invisible insistence escapes us as we gravitate to our abstractions. In this absence, we don’t have to locate our quivers and defend against our intimacy.

What is the rhythm of enthusiasm in your belly? What is the pulse of sorrow in the chest? Is it tender, thorny or chewy? Do you welcome its rawness, elasticity and pliability? What is your surveyor’s cap of your inner landscape? How is containment, confinement and expansion similar or different? How and where does besiegement or intoxication play here in the spaces that is you? When we attune to this level of nuance in our experiences, we see first hand its diaphanous nature. It contracts and expands. It moves as the fog. We notice the often unseen fluctuations of our desires. We witness the cycle of getting lost in being tantalized by habit. We partake of the seasons of our longings and the shifting nature of our relationships. We may begin to reframe “abandonment” as something that happens to me instead as the natural rhythm of changing moments of abandon and resurgence. Our relationships to the seasons of life is met with more acceptance, grace and the unfolding and the cadence of the road.


In my work, I get asked at times just to “take it out” – the patterns, the trauma, the whatever. In my experience though, certain signatures simply can be released from the subtle anatomy easily without having to look at the mental story. Yet some other pattern leave their pathways on the physical body as familiar holdings and recognizable shapes to the individual. It is a repeated recollection. In some strange ways, these tight configurations hold comfort making us believe that we are that. They’ve become a padding, a protection, a sense of embrace. In these cases, loyalty is packed within the bonding and must be acknowledged as we would appreciate the embrace of a parting. This is an essential part of the activation of this within the subtle body anatomy.

I remember when I backpacked for the first time as an 18 year old in Europe. My parents had a long list of why it was dangerous for me to go alone. However, at the airport security gate, both my parents embraced me tightly, happily and playfully nudged me to move forward as they sensed my nervousness and hesitation amidst the adventurous excitement. I felt that they pushed a big ship to sea towards uncharted territories then.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

This is similar for all of us. There are these familiar identities in our human energetic structures, helpful at one point of development yet need a change in order to to expand and mature to the next phase. We are powerful beings. We can quickly release patterns energetically and feel the change on all levels of ourselves. We can also recreate a pattern energetically when we think about it, especially when accompanied with primal urges and emotional impulses.

This week I was reflecting on outer spaces and how the way we inhabit these spaces determined our world views as well. Many spend their days indoors, within walls, in front of computers. We often use our surroundings as confirmation of our beliefs and vice versa. This is unfortunate. Nature is a teacher freely offering the natural truths of life. All you have to do is to watch the seasons change. The leaves interact with the wind. The brook flows. Our intimate impressions are mirrored in nature and nature forms our intimate impressions.

Reflect on these sensorial moments and explore what arises. How did it feel to be drenched in rain during the storm? What was evoked in you as you smelled the manure in the farm? How about that fig infused balsamic vinegar on your salad dressing? How are these related to our sense of awe, mortality or invisibility? As we tumble in the ocean waves, we touch the power greater than us. As we walk up the mountain, our structures are placed in a wider perspective. We feel the weight of our feet contacting the earth. We wake up from our doldrums of concepts.

One person shared with me how he looks at the stars every night and give gratitude for the day each time.

Won’t you allow yourself to be embraced by dawn?


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