What is Energy?

Energy makes everything happen. There is stored energy which is called potential energy and there is kinetic energy which is moving energy. String theory suggests that the line between matter and energy is a just a matter of variation. Energy can be chemical, electrical, heat/thermal, light/radiant, mechanical and nuclear. Human beings emit energy as well. In addition, a broad spectrum of radiant energies exists in the human body known as electromagnetic waves, ranging from the ultra-low to very high – frequency broadcast waves, microwaves, infrared rays, visible light rays, and even ultraviolet radiation.

Studies suggests that a person has a human bio field that can be interacted by another bio field. Thus the field of long distance healing, energy medicine, prayer working for a sick person being prayed by those that love them all work. This is also when someone is looking at you from across the room, you feel it. The same principle works when someone we love is in trouble across the country. We get an intuitive hit. The heart, in fact makes the greatest contribution to our energy fields. We affect each other when me meet, contact and connect. Sometimes, we affect each other positively. At other times, we interfere with each other’s energy flow. Blocked energy pathways is like a festering wound. For a while, it may be unconscious but nonetheless limits one’s access to his/her full potential. When the time is right, this very wound when met and healed holds the very medicine it needs. Energetic life patterns form a lattice around a belief that sets the individual for particular lessons to be learned. At the appropriate time, however, the backed up energetic traffic jam and all the regular detours taken become cumbersome and need to be released.

Before I elaborate more on what I think energy is and how it affects all of us interpersonally, I want to invite you into a short guided meditation. I invite you to focus on the primacy of your immediate experience rather than a cognitive remembrance from a past reading or lecture. Please close your eyes and sit comfortably. When you imagine boundaries, what do you see? What do you feel? How did you describe this definition? Was it a border, a defining line, a division or partition?

Usually when we reflect on boundaries, we immediately refer to a relational event. We are social beings after all. Did your experience in your query point to a relational merging or to a relational differentiation? Did you maintain your homeostasis or did you feel a need to discharge a sense of nervousness? In other words, were you aroused? What did you do to balance and self regulate at this point? What happened to your internal equilibrium as you imagined others, thus concocting them into your inner environment? Did you notice a sense of expansion in you or did you experience contraction? Were you present or did you notice a slight disassociation, a leaving of your self? Was there joy?

We as human beings need connection. However, if somewhere down the developmental line, we were shamed or humiliated for our need for connection, our relational view may be laced with signals of danger. The meaning to frustration has been lost. Respect gets thwarted into intimidation. Experienced as gnarly and twisted, different emotions and affect get intertwined. The way we coped energetically to the outer and internal environment of self shame may show up as a contraction in both the physical body as well as the energetic body. The gnarling characteristic also shows up in the energetic anatomy as kinks and broken membranes that need repair from an energy worker such as myself. There may be cords to different energetic centers as well. Some of these frequencies or signatures may feel wiry or dissipated or heavy or foggy or even taste like lead or feel rubbery. Think of a mattress with springs that have been compressed. There is no fluff or give or expansion or elasticity. So when you feel “small”, you have energetically taken your “bigness” and compressed it. Can you relate this to yourself or someone you know that is like this?

I was once in an airplane where the passenger next to me began share what he did for his occupation. He mentioned that he traded energy as a commodity like you do stocks. After listening to him, I mentioned that I was in the same business except in the energy of people.

Although I am encouraging you to focus on this narrow bandwidth, the impact of its implications is complex. In actuality, this narrow bandwidth is very compact and carries a lot of information about you and where do you situate yourself energetically. I am inviting you to continuously inhabit a dynamic mind-body continuum of who you are. Energy is not separate from your mind-body manifestation either. The biological and emotional layers are included in your human energetic structure. You, however, are much bigger than this.

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