What is meaningful contact?

A biology teacher and I had a brief dialog about energy medicine. His questions serve to frame a bridge of how energy medicine is applicable to all our lives.

When I work with frequency and vibration, I am both very specific in my intention as well as global in my approach. The human energetic structure is a complex system after all. Vibration is not just a clump. Energy is full of potential and can be transformed in so many ways. Energy currents can get stuck in a form that may no longer be nourishing. After all, the nature of quantum physics includes both the particle as well as the changing behavior it exhibits. What is personally juicier for me though is the space that holds all the particles. It is this space that is the web, the fabric, the beingness. We live as a whole system. Each part affects all other parts.

Because our current daily paradigm is situated in particle/stuff as in biology or stuff in terms of stories in psychology, the entrance to energy medicine often start here. The main focus of my work with clients though is expansion. This may not be time or place bound either. This is why remote healing is as effective.

20131027_135132Often times, we are not aware that we are actually much bigger than what we think we are. We are deeply rooted in a belief of separation and a mental construct that “I am an island.” The truth of life though is that we are one fabric and we affect each other. You affect me and I affect you. There is entanglement. What happens in a nuclear plant in Japan affects the seaweeds we eat here in California. How your parents met your excitement as you explored independence as a child affects how you show up in your job crisis as an adult.

Everything is a vibration. The anesthesia used in surgery has a vibration. The bar you were in last Friday night has a frequency. The PTSD that triggers an anxiety has a vibration. The text you received this morning had an impact on you that also had a vibrational frequency. A group of teenagers lost in their cell phones has a frequency. A bouquet of roses has a vibration. And of course everyone knows and feels the vibration of music as your body undulates to its rhythm.

Everything is contacting everything. The questions is: is it meaningful contact?

Thriving requires meaningful contact. Sadly though, it is absent in the lives of many individuals today. Instead, there is a quality of a bog or a smoked filled room that people inhabit in their consciousness. It has a particular density and governs the pattern of operation on a daily basis.

What I do best is support individuals expand their curiosity and interests to their most basic impulses in relation to contact. By creating a safe place, others can approach the deadened places in themselves. Hence, individuals wake up to who they are. In my experience, most individuals have awareness of a fraction of what they identify with. There is a widespread tendency to live and express from the pulled in places rather than an expanded one. We wear a body with hunched shoulders, held in diaphragms and use disembodied voices of uncertain yes and no. It is as though energetically, people have a leash of allowable expansion. Imagine an invisible glass wall. When I interact with others, I see this. There are all these unwritten rules around taking up space that is fully expressed in how individuals hold their musculatures. We all have them. Repeated historical energetic assaults imprint their signatures in collapsed or overextended chests, forward protruding heads, tucked in tails and armored muscles around the eyes.

Using a combination of bodywork, counseling, energy work, neuromovement repatterining and improvisational role playing, we explore how we shrink and expand in all parts of ourselves: physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally. Much of the shrinking pattern originated in decisions made early in life. Now they’ve become habituated tendencies we mistake for natural when in actuality we simply are familiar with them. We recognize ourselves with this particular way of holding. Even if we change the way the shoulders fall in an angle, the identity if not addressed will immediately summoned the musculature to the familiar. Just as knots form in the muscles, so too there are gnarled, entangled places in the energy structure that an energy medicine practitioner such as I am trained to removed, clear, align and invite into wholeness again. From my experience, talking is not enough to release them.

I invite you to enquire around this topic. What do you do when you meet an increased feeling? The feeling can come from an event, another person, a memory, or a sensory impression. When you meet intensity, what do you do? Do you disappear, numbed out, get overwhelmed and suffocate? Do you thrive? Do you discharge the feeling? Do you allow the intensity to ripen thereby increasing your capacity to feel and sense?

Knowing your relationship to contact can stop, inhibit or enhance your intimacy with yourself and those you love. When you stop the connection with your feelings and sensations in order to arrive at habitual regulated equilibrium, you actually stay in the familiar predictable oscillation of self identity. As you feel contained, you also narrow your bandwidth and pull in. This is important but only one part of the process.

When intensity visits, we are also invited to play with the maturation process. There is a place to witness. There is also a place to live. In living we engage life.  It is that place we don’t know yet. The bud doesn’t know what it is to be a flower.

Happy blossoming!

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